H-Source is an online marketplace where hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers can privately connect on inventory needs. We bring healthcare professionals together to communicate, collaborate, buy, sell and save.

How it works.

The H-Source platform combines a user-friendly web-based marketplace with data, reporting and accounting features specific to software systems in hospitals.

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Key Features and Reporting

“I am thrilled to join the board at H-Source. Helping hospitals to be more efficient enterprises has always been a priority, and it’s even more critical today in the rapidly evolving healthcare environment.”

Rich Umbdenstock – President Emeritus, American Hospital Association

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How can H-Source help me?

Single warehouse solution

Single Warehouse Solution

  • Cloud-based platform manages virtual or brick and mortar single warehouse
  • Significantly reduces capital expenditures and deployment times
  • Can be configured for IDNs, ACOs, affiliates, GPOs and  custom groups
  • Comprehensive reporting by group, facility and departments
  • Communication platform
  • Facility and department POs
  • Facilitates asset transfer accounting
  • EDI configurable
  • Design, setup and integration services
  • Licensing opportunities


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