H-Source is a marketplace network where hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) can privately connect on inventory needs. We bring healthcare professionals together to communicate, collaborate, buy, sell and save.

Our cloud based platform combines a user friendly web based marketplace with data and reporting features specific to software systems in hospitals.

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How It Works

Supply chain represents the 2nd largest expenditure in healthcare. Issues such as outdates, physician preference changes, minimum order requirements and beyond create billions of dollars of waste and revenue loss every year. And with varying software systems and ownership groups, hospitals lack the opportunity to collaborate with each other to remedy these shared challenges. Until now.


How can H-Source help your department?

Key Features & Benefits


  • Free membership
  • Covers all major departments including supply chain, pharmacy, and capital equipment
  • Purchase orders
  • One vendor (H-Source) to all marketplace members
  • The ability to create a “Wish list” (and receive item alerts) for specific products
  • IDN’s—administrative control including extensive reporting, accounting and user access.
  • Create private buy and sell groups
  • Communicate with groups or individual members privately
  • Logistics management
  • Search for products by geography
  • Extensive real-time reporting and accounting  See available reports ›
  • RMAs
  • Recall alerts and notifications
  • Pick list and shipping label delivered to email in PDF format for simple sales process

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“I am thrilled to join the board of H-Source. Helping hospitals to be more efficient enterprises has always been a priority, and it is even more critical today in the rapidly evolving health care environment. I believe H-Source is perfectly positioned to help maximize provider investments in supplies, devices and equipment.”

Rich Umbdenstock – President Emeritus, American Hospital Association

Who are we?

A marketplace for hospitals.

H-Source is a publicly traded company with  leadership and management teams that have specific experience in healthcare, including:

  • Healthcare specific software
  • Healthcare ERP implementations
  • Clinical experience
  • Government and regulatory policies including Medicare and Medicaid
  • GPO/IDN contracting
  • Purchasing software and inventory mgmt.
  • Device, pharmacy and capital equipment
  • Reprocessing & re-sterilization
  • Extensive data and reporting
  • Sustainability impacts and analysis

At H-Source, we take on these challenges and provide a solution through the power of networking and technology. Our goal is to provide a positive change for healthcare and the environment.

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The H-Source platform is a green solution that presents a great opportunity to promote corporate social responsibility. Every year, a large amount of medical supplies and equipment expire or are discarded before final use, creating tons of landfill waste.

All new H-Source members receive a press template for local media to support the improvement of sustainability in healthcare. We are expanding our efforts in the coming months by creating built-in sustainability features within the H-Source platform to provide measurable data results.

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