How it works

Supply chain represents the 2nd largest expenditure in healthcare. Issues such as product outdates, physician preference changes, minimum order requirements and beyond create billions of dollars of waste and revenue loss every year. And with varying software systems and ownership groups, hospitals lack the opportunity to collaborate with each other to remedy these shared challenges. Until now.

Key features

  • Free membership
  • Covers all major departments including supply chain, pharmacy and capital equipment
  • Purchase orders
  • One vendor (H-Source) to all marketplace members
  • The ability to create a “wish list” (and receive item alerts) for specific products
  • IDNs – administrative control including extensive reporting, accounting and user access
  • Create private buy and sell groups
  • Communicate with groups or individual members privately
  • Logistics management
  • Search for products by geography
  • Extensive real-time reporting and accounting
  • RMAs
  • Recall alerts and notifications

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H-Source allows you to run the following reports in real-time or for a specific date range

  • Payout statement
  • Inventory expiration
  • Stock status
  • Orders
  • Inventory sold
  • Cancellations
  • RMA/Returns
  • Recalls
  • Open orders
  • Open invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Cost recovery by department