Supply Chain

Supply chain represents the 2nd largest expenditure in healthcare. Issues such as product outdates, physician preference changes, minimum order requirements and beyond create billions of dollars of waste and revenue loss every year. And with varying software systems and ownership groups, hospitals lack the opportunity to collaborate with each other to remedy these shared challenges. Until now.


  • OR/Cath Lab/EP/Radiology/GI
  • Search by model #, description or manufacturer
  • View key information prior to purchase including expiration date, quantity available, unit of measure and seller information
  • Communicate with sellers prior to purchase
  • Upload product sales lists by spreadsheet or each’s
  • Reduce inventory reserve / obsolescence
  • Contact private group members that products are for sale
  • Message private group members to acquire specific items
  • Break boxes or split quantities with members or groups
  • “Wish list” (item alerts) available for specific products